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How to run a successful SEO 


Learning how to run an affordable SEO campaign takes a great deal and a lot of time and some considerable effort, but anyone who has a bit of motivation can also do it without fail, you just need to make sure it's successful. Search Engine Optimisation campaigns are built on many different things, from link building all the way through to social media management, so you do need to be incredibly organized when it comes to running your campaign.


Check your site before you begin your SEO campaign because the on-site optimization is something you must take care of before beginning your off-site optimization. There is no point in driving extra traffic to your website if it will not keep you glued to it. Ensure your website is up to the task before investing time and effort on your offsite campaign.


Research on your rivals and keyword research and then implement these findings into your website. Look at five keywords you want to rank for and then compile a list of the top 10 results for each keyword. After doing this jot down the site of each of your arch rivals on a spreadsheet.


Inbound Links

Meta Keyword Tag

Meta Description Tag

Google Indexed Pages

Meta Title Tag


At the moment you get this done, you can proceed to the next step accordingly. You then need to sit down and write a plan of action regarding what your affordable UK SEO campaign will consist of. It is important to remember that you need to run your campaign over a wide spread period because you can not do everything in one go else this will look incredibly unnatural to Google and will, therefore, do you more harm than good.


A good SEO campaign will consist of:

Directory One Way Link Building

High Page Rank Link Building

Article Writing And Article Submission

Press Release Writing And Press Release Submission YouTube/Twitter / Social Bookmarking/ Facebook - Social Media Management Site composition - articles and blogs.


Ensure you maintain every spreadsheet of every activity you are involved in every time. You shouldn't feel compelled to work on everything as there are global contractors everywhere who can execute some of these roles too.


Make sure you add all of your content to your site first before you release it to the Press Release and Article sites and also make sure that you vary your anchor text for your links to try and capture your top five keywords.


Don't forget an SEO campaign is for life;


you can't just do a massive dash and then expect it to last for ever. You need to take your time and spread certain things out throughout the months to make things look as natural as can be to the search engines; else it will back fire. You can find affordable seo services

and be accorded all the support you need.

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